Snooki’s Pregnancy and The Game’s Distasteful Controversy.

It seems as if Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) is the talk of the town nowadays. Snooki is well-known for her crazy antics on the MTV show, “Jersey Shore”. The show contains multiple drunken mishaps and random strangers hooking up, while the cast lives a care-free party life.

Although Snooki was approached by reporters on the topic of her being pregnant, she denied the rumor. Eventually, news came out that her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, would become a father for the first time.

All hell broke loose, and a few jokes from some brave comedians started to appear.

Zach Braff tweeted: (March 1): ”Snooki is pregnant. I hope that fetus enjoys Jaegermeister.”

It was rumored that Snooki and her Jersey Shore roommate, Jenni Farley, were scheduled to start a spin-off show of the Jersey Shore titled “Snooki and JWoww vs. The World.” Rumors have questioned the pregnancy as a tool to boost the television shows ratings.

It’s obvious no one is taking this pregnancy seriously because of Snooki’s outrageous behavior during filming of the Jersey Shore. If i were a part of her PR team, I would want Nicole to give the interviewers a positive and “new” Snooki who is clean (alcohol wise), and will cut down on the partying significantly. The world needs to see that Nicole is ready to take being a mother seriously.

On another note, California rapper, The Game, caused a disgusting controversy at one of his concerts in Australia.

In the video, The Game pulled a woman up on stage and he wanted he continuously asked the woman to expose her breasts in front of the crowd. When the girl refused many times, one of the band members started to grope the woman on stage. Once again, she refused and the rapper pushed the woman off the stage.

After the controversy hit the news, The Game reported to his twitter and said:

“n—— be givin these hoes too much power”

The Game is also facing charges for spitting on his female fans during his concert at a club in Australia.

I’m not sure if The Game has a PR rep (if he does, then they have been unresponsive towards the mess), but he can forget about a woman representing him as a client and getting him out of this HUGE mistake. I could never represent a client that is so disrespectful toward women, but it seems as if the rapper needs a PR team to keep his distasteful actions into place.

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