Social Media and The Trayvon Martin Case

It seems like the media can greatly influence the thoughts of murder cases through social media outlets. Every day, the media can shape our thought process in ways we never thought about. Have you ever seen a coca-cola commercial and realized you were suddenly thirsty? The media can even shape our opinion on buying the latest or newest gadget around town. I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, “Doesn’t the new Ipad commercial look amazing?! I need to get one now!” If any of these events has happened to you, then your mind has been shaped by the media that surrounds us.

More recently, the media has had a frenzy with the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

The case occurred in Sanford, Fla. when George Zimmerman was a part of a neighborhood watch team. A 17 year old African-American teenager, Trayvon Martin, was holding a bag of skittles and an iced tea when he was shot by Zimmerman for being “suspicious.” The first image I saw of Trayvon showed him as a loving, young and polite boy. However, other images of Trayvon have surfaced the internet. Does this more recent image of Treyvon make him seem more dangerous in your opinion?

George Zimmerman believed that  Trayvon was a threat to the neighborhood. Others would disagree. In the midst of this debate a Florida law gives a potential “victim” the right to:

  1. Stand their ground and not retreat even if such retreat is possible. Most states demand that you first take advantage of a retreat strategy if that is possible before using deadly force.
  2. Use deadly force if they believe they are being attacked or about to be attacked.

This trial is a very heartbreaking and extensive case as new sources and reports are making it to the surface.

From recent news, a source claimed that Zimmerman was being attacked by Trayvon, which caused Zimmerman to fire his gun. However, video surveillance taken from the police station show Zimmerman’s face, unharmed without any scratches.

Although the 911 tapes have not been released, some claim Zimmerman made a racial slur to the dispatch regarding Trayvon.

It’s quite possible that the media is not releasing everything there is to say or see from this trial. Was this an act of racial violence, or an act of self-protection? The media is very capable of keeping a story one-sided throughout a case like this. All we can do is hope that the case will be settled soon and that the families of Zimmerman and Trayvon will find peace and justice.

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