Delight Your Donors with these 5 Holiday Fundraising Ideas

Tis’ the season to be jolly. It’s also the season of giving! From the Network for Good’s Online Giving Index, 30% of annual giving occurs in the month of December. Be sure to let your donors know that they’re on the “nice list” this year by using these 5 unique holiday tips to give back.

Happy Holidays

1. Send a Personalized Video

Gone are the days where holiday cards were the method of spreading Christmas cheer. These days, videos are a great way to wish happy holidays to your loved ones. Put a spin on this idea by recording personalized intros with your team for a video outlining how your donor’s funds have helped in the past year. Using footage of giving in action is a great way to let your donors know how much you appreciate them, as well as showing them the impact of their donations.

il_fullxfull.524386655_m1bw2. A Drawing Fundraiser

Have your organization host a raffle where the prize is holiday themed, like a skiing trip, or a catered family Christmas party. For a given amount, donors will be entered into the drawing, with an incentive to earn additional entries for larger donations. However, using this fundraising technique usually results in only one donor receiving a gift. Your non-profit can use social media platforms to inform each donor, regardless of their donation amount, how their money assisted someone during the holidays.

CommitChange’s Donor Management tools can assist by easily tracking how much each donor has donated. You can also see and share how much money the fundraiser has collected.

12 days

3. “12 Days of Giving” Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are a great way for non-profits to reach a large number of people. Every day, your organization will highlight a local restaurant or local business. Social media followers will share your organization’s photo each day, including the hashtag #12DaysofGiving. Those who share the photo can go to the restaurant or business, show that they reposted or shared the promotion, which entitles them to a percentage off of their bill/purchase. Also, your organization can arrange for a percentage of the sales to benefit your non-profit. This way, people who have not yet before been formal donors can give to the organization.

Use CommitChange’s Campaign Management tools to track the success of the campaign and share it with your followers and donors.

keep calm4. Host a Party Inviting All Past Donors

A holiday party is a great time for donors to mingle and meet others who are involved in in the cause they care about. One way to make your party stand out could be by having a local, well-known or even celebrity philanthropist give a speech highlighting why your organization’s mission is so important. Another way to set your organization’s party apart could be by having those who have been helped by the nonprofit attend the party and personally thank donors for their help. No matter which way you choose to make your party one of a kind, a holiday get-together is a great way to show your donors how much you appreciate them.

CommitChange’s Event tools can assist your organization in selling tickets and registering attendees for the event, as well as informing them of the time and date of the event, and which other donors are attending.

tacky xmas race5. Ugly Sweater Christmas Run

A great way for donors to have fun while promoting your organization would be to host an ugly Christmas sweater run/walk.  Donors will pay a registration fee to take part in the race. Partner with local restaurants and bars to provide free food and drinks to your donors at the end of the race. Also provide them with a t-shirt and swag bag to take home.

This event can again make use of CommitChange’s Event tools in helping your organization track the success of the event. This can also help in promoting it in the future, should it become an annual event.

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