LSU PR: Unresponsive?

How many students can say that they love where the go to college? I can say, I do. I love my school! The atmosphere gives me a sense of our culture, the professors are passionate about their work and our sports fans are out of this world.

I live and breath purple and gold.

However, there are some aspects of the school that scare me quite a bit. It seems like I am constantly receiving a text message from the LSU Emergency Text Messaging System about a shooting or robbery near campus. Although I feel as if our campus is a safe haven, this is not always the case.

On July 8, 2011 two men were arrested for numerous accounts of armed robberies on the LSU Lakes.The robbers were stealing the joggers valuables and cellphones.

Personally, I had a friend who was walking on state street at 8 a.m. to class. A man in a white van jumped out of his vehicle and stole his expensive smartphone. Although the man was later found, my friend was scared to walk to class due to the robbery.

Just a few months ago, a man was found dead in a ditch by Tigerland. Although Tigerland has a distasteful reputation, the man who was found actually lived in the apartments nearby. His girlfriend claims he was simply walking to the gas station to get a coke. Police believe it was a gang-initiation taking place that night.

Rape crimes against women have taken place around LSU apartments on Stanford Avenue and Lee Drive. My lovable boyfriend, Joseph Groner, lived at OneLakeShore Place, where one of the rapes occurred.

“It is such a quite and peaceful place to live. I’ve never had any problems with my complex, until then.”

Although some of these crimes have occurred near and on LSU’s campus, It makes me feel uncomfortable and frightened. Am I the next victim?

Although the LSU Emergency Text Messaging System is a great way to keep students alert about the issues that arise near and on LSU’s campus, I believe the University PR should play a role of speaking out about LSU’s image.

I believe our PR needs to show LSU in a brighter light. Instead, it seems as if they are unresponsive toward the rapes, armed robberies and deaths that surround us. As a student, I definitely want to know that my campus will do everything it can to provide a safe place to live and learn. Instead, people are scared of State Street and the LSU lakes at night.

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