Non-profit Project!

Hello, My name is Brooke Hidalgo and I am a junior attending Louisiana State University.

My group and I have been assigned to complete a project working alongside with SCVNGR to help bring awareness to local non-profits within the area. We have decided to work with an outdoor organization for our project. Originally, I wanted to work with animal non-profit organizations, however it seemed easier to work with a well-known organization with lots of activities and facilities that have already been established. I was excited to be able to choose our own non-profit because it brings us closer to those who are less fortunate than us. My role in our big project is the “Strategy Director”. This means I am responsible for developing unique advertisements for our non-profit, while also communicating effectively to my group and the organization.

To put it simply, SCVNGR is a gaming application for your smart phone that actively engages you with the application. Users of SCVNGR can “check-in” around areas in Baton Rouge and compete challenges at those locations. By doing these challenges, you can receive special rewards from the companies. This gaming application is very different from foursquare because you are actively receiving points and prizes for completing challenges. SCVNGR can ultimately help jump start an organization while also bringing new customers in.

If our plan to work along with our first organization fails, we have chosen to work with the non-profit, Yelp. I personally have a special place in my heart for this organization because back in the summer of 2011, I adopted a precious puppy. Yelp takes adoptable dogs from kill shelters and shelters them until the dogs can find their forever home. Yelp currently posts pictures of adoptable animals on their facebook page…you just can’t resist those puppy eyes!

As a future career, I would love to work with animal abuse associations to put an end to animal abuse through out the nation. I believe this project will jump start my career because I will have hands on experience working with another outdoor organization. I believe PR specialists can spread the word of organizations in a clear and professional manner (although sadly, this is not always the case). It is important for my generation to understand the social media and how it works, especially in my future job profession. I look forward to learning more about SCVNGR and being a part of a team that cares about bettering our local organizations.


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